Disney’s Princess Principles Posters

Modern Princess Principles PostersDisney Inspired – a United Kingdom-based website focusing on crafts, recipes, and games – unveiled an awesome DIY craft for all princesses: Princess Principles Posters. These posters were designed by Kate Moross, Rose Blake, and Kate Forrester – three of the UK’s leading illustrators.

As a father of a young girl, I couldn’t be more happy with the content. There’s a perception that the Disney Princesses glamorize a certain figure or status, and while I don’t necessarily think that’s the intention it’s hard to argue that a majority of the characters fit that description. Instead, the Princess Principles call out the following qualities:

  • Care For Others
  • Live Healthy
  • Don’t Judge A Book By Its Cover
  • Believe In Yourself
  • Be A Friend You Can Trust
  • Be Honest
  • Right Wrongs
  • Try Your Best
  • Be Loyal
  • Never Give Up

These qualities focus on the heart of the characters they represent, and that definition of what makes a princess is incredibly satisfying. I would be happy to hang one of these posters in my daughter’s room, and will be doing exactly that quite soon as these are easy to make.

The website includes links to three different styles of posters, each available as a PDF download. All you have to do is click on the poster you like best, print it, frame it if you’d like, and hang it. These are free downloads, and the only cost you’ll need to worry about is the ink, paper, and frame.

If you’re interested in checking it out, click here to head over to the site and get started!

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