Let’s Look Deeper Than Luke

I know I’m late on this one. Maybe I’m so late that I missed Jabba’s sail boat entirely. The fact that I’m going to keep on typing shows one thing: I don’t care at all.

The Last Jedi is an awesome title. I love the aura it adds to the movie…even without so much as a teaser trailer yet. It’s a strong title that adds a sense of finality, and just enough mystery to set off the internet’s favorite question: who is the last Jedi?

It’s so strong that Josh Gad can’t help but pester Daisy Ridley for spoilers, even to the point of enlisting Dame Judi Dench for help. And it doesn’t stop there. Twitter, Facebook, media sites, and blogs (like this one) lit up with theories about what the title means.

And the easiest (maybe even most likely) theory that came from all of this: the title refers to Luke. After all, Yoda definitely says Luke will be the last of the Jedi. And he’s mentioned in The Force Awaken‘s opening crawl as the last Jedi. So why wouldn’t it be Luke?

There’s definitely more at play. Namely, Rey. It’s widely believed that this will be Rey’s Jedi-in-training film, much like Empire Strikes Back was for Luke. A learning Jedi is still a Jedi, so naming a film for the theoretically brief time Luke will still be the only Jedi doesn’t make much sense.

Secondly, and this has been called out by a number of people already, but the plural of the word Jedi is…Jedi. Prior to Luke’s life-altering events on Tatooine, Yoda and Obi-Wan are the last known Jedi. It’s entirely plausible that the the title refers to the tandem of remaining Jedi: Luke and Rey.

This also wouldn’t be the only time a Star Wars title went more than surface-deep. Return of the Jedi is no doubt a great example of this. It’s easy to look at that title, and assume that it refers to Luke becoming a Jedi, or even that Luke brings about the return of Jedi as players in the galaxy. It’s also entirely plausible, considering George Lucas has asserted multiple times that the trilogies are the story of Anakin, that this title refers to Anakin’s return to the role of Jedi. I view The Last Jedi in a very similar light.

The good news? We have less than 10 months until these questions are answered, or we can at least make a more educated analysis. And, when I’m sitting in the theater realizing that everything I’ve stayed up until 1 AM to write about is wrong, I’ll be able to hold on to two things that are still true: I’ll be watching yet another brand-new Star Wars movie, and The Last Jedi is still an awesome title.

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