The Last Few Jedi?

Earlier this week, I shared my thoughts on the title of the newest Star Wars movie, coming to theaters this December. One of the theories I spent some time on was that the title doesn’t refer to a singular Jedi, but at least two Jedi – most likely Luke and Rey. Then I wake up this morning to find this little article from IGN.

Head on over to IGN for the details, but in a nutshell the German (and seemingly Spanish) titles seem to confirm that the title refers to more than one Jedi. While English allows for nuances between singular and plural nouns, other languages like German and Spanish have specific constructs for plural nouns. In this case, Jedi are specifically referred to in the plural form.

While there is still the possibility that this is a translation error, because it’s not like it’s never happened before, I think this is legit. Disney is nothing if not a marketing ace, so I highly doubt that something like the title for their major film of the year goes unchecked. Also, and maybe this is reading deeper into the situation, but I think there’s a reason for the delay between the time the English title was revealed versus the translations of the title. Just that little bit of time got people talking, and writing, and theorizing – creating a flurry of activity to build up hype.

So now we’re back to speculation. Who are these remaining Jedi? Does it simply refer to Luke and Rey? Is there perhaps another surviving Jedi in the galaxy somewhere, kind of like how Kanan Jarrus survived the Great Jedi Purge after Order 66 was executed? Lor San Tekka struck me as a Jedi-type character hiding in the Outer Rim. Maybe there are others. Or, does this have to do with other characters from The Force Awakens? Some fans have guessed that Kylo Ren may not be totally dark, so maybe he switches allegiances. Furthermore, could Poe or Finn be unknowingly Force-sensitive?

My feeling is that the title solely refers to the tandem of Luke and Rey. I don’t think any of the other main characters are Force-sensitive enough to be Jedi. While it’s somewhat possible we get introduced to a new Jedi character, similar to what happened with Yoda in Episode V, there would need to be a good reason. Rey has her trainer, unlike Luke did back then. I do think that Kylo Ren eventually returns to the light, but I doubt it’s in this movie.

I also believe that Luke survives the events of Episode VIII. If the movie is indeed named for Luke and Rey, it would make little sense to have one of those two die in this film. To draw a comparison, how much sense would it make to title a book and movie Return of the King if Aragorn technically becomes king but dies before the end of the movie? Little to none, which is why I don’t think it happens here, either.

We’re edging closer and closer to the release of initial trailers for this film, so be on the lookout for more indications contained within those trailers. Star Wars Celebration kicks off April 13, so mark it on your calendar. That could very well be the day we learn more about what could be happening in our favorite universe.

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