My 2018 Resolutions

Happy New Year everyone!

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season, and I hope you were able to find some semblance of peace, joy, and comfort for which this season is cherished.

The start of a new year is so often reserved for promises of a new beginning or fixing the mistakes of the past. Too often those promises are broken. God knows I’ve broken enough of them. This year, I’m going on record. I hope you all hold me to my promises.

2017 was a tumultuous year for me. Some of the things I hold dear were turned on their head, and I have spent a lot of time reflecting this year. And one of the things I’ve found is that I’ve largely gotten away from many of the things that brought me joy – things that spark my creativity.

I want this to be the year that I come back to what I believe my version of “me” is. That may be a larger thing than can be done in a single year, but I have a couple things I want to focus on first. So, in no particular order, here is what I’m shooting for in 2018:

More Family Time, Less Online Time

My little girl is going to be four in February. FOUR. It seems like last year I was sitting in a hospital emergency room, and soon after a NICU, my mind racing and emotions swirling. Now she’s playing, painting, creating, and growing, and I don’t know where that time has gone.

My wife and I have started buying more card and board games in the last month or so. We’re going to continue to buy and play games with our family. We’re going to take mini weekend vacations this year. (I’m not making this one a promise yet, but maybe we’ll try to squeeze in a Disney trip around Christmastime again).

So many things vie for our time nowadays. I feel like I’ve already drastically cut down my social media time in the last part of 2017 from where it was a few months before. That trend is going to continue. I can’t afford to lose any time on things that will never matter, and time wasted scrolling through Twitter or Facebook is just that.

More Creating

You may have noticed I haven’t written on here very much lately. I’m going to write more. At this point, I don’t know what form that will take. It will probably start off as more blog posts. I’ve always wanted to get a creative work written – a short story, a novel, something like that. Maybe I try to get ideas hammered out on that project this year.

One of my passions the first twenty years or so of my life was drawing. I loved art. And I was good at it, but never pursued it. I should have, and I know that now. But just because I never made a career out of it doesn’t mean I can’t continue it. And with my daughter showing a talent for art at a young age, I would love for her to see someone else in her home doing something similar.

More Stories

I bought a new Kindle Paperwhite this past Black Friday. It needs to get used. My goal here is to start consuming more stories, either in novel form on here or elsewhere. I’m also subscribing to Marvel’s Unlimited comic service, a Netflix-like model for comics. I’d like to read some of those. Anything to get my mind working more instead of passively consuming TV, movies, or games.

And, speaking of games, it’s time to start going after the things that stick. I’ve spent way too much time with the Battlefields of the world lately, and while they’re great for some time with friends, the die-respawn-die has gotten to me recently. I’m going to spend more of my gaming time, which I also plan to reduce a bit, on games with an engaging story.

Less Eating

Nothing special or insightful here. I’ve gained weight. I’m going to lose 20 pounds.

What Gets Cut Out

So I’m spending more time with family, more time writing and drawing, more time reading…what gives? Where do I find the extra time? Well, like I said, the social media time is pure and simply time wasted. I know that alone accounts for too much of my idle time. And while I don’t plan to quit gaming, I also know I’ve spent too much time with it in 2017. Less, but more meaningful time behind a controller is my key here.

Honestly, that’s it. That’s my plan. It’s a lot, and I know that. I don’t think I’m putting too much on myself, though. Too often I feel like resolutions are things that people feel like they have to do.

want to do these things. It’s time to make them happen.

Once again, happy New Year, and I hope yours ends in a better place than it began!


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